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Pediatric Physical Therapy in the Philippines

Physical Therapy for Kids in the Philippines

When we think of physical therapy, we often associate it with either middle-aged people with back pains or professional athletes with sports injuries. But did you know that a lot of children also need physical therapy to help with their motor skills and musculoskeletal development?

Pediatric PTs often incorporate play and a fun environment to motivate kids to attend their therapy sessions. The physical therapist also involves the family in planning their goals for treatment. Majority of the time, the physical therapy sessions are done one on one and includes activities that are functional and aims to develop children’s motor skills to be at par with their age.

Who Needs Pediatric Physical Therapy?

Children with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, arthrogryposis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, spina bifida, cystic fibrosis, traumatic brain injury are just a few diagnoses that children’s PTs can address.

Pediatric physical therapists can also correct the posture, gait, balance, and coordination of children, among other things.

What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy in children?

Although there are some overlapping parts in the field of PT and OT, these are two different field of studies that target different areas in the development of your child. In simple terms, pediatric PTs focus on movement and the musculoskeletal system. Their aim is to make your child as independent and mobile as possible. Occupational therapists, on the other hand, assist your child when it comes to improving the quality of their daily tasks (i.e., their occupation) and their behavior.

Here in the Philippines, you can count the number of physical therapy centers that offer physical therapy for kids, as this is a specialized area that only trained and licensed PTs can address.

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