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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We just had an assessment with a developmental pediatrician. Do we still need to have an occupational therapy assessment or speech therapy assessment?

     Answer: Yes. A developmental pediatrician’s assessment is different from an OT or speech assessment. The developmental pedia observes and         administers tests to the child to be able to formulate a diagnosis.

     An OT or speech therapist assesses the child to be able to formulate goals for therapy sessions.


2. How long will my child need therapy?

     Answer: There is no definite timeline for therapy, as the length is determined by several factors, so we cannot tell how many therapy sessions       your child will need. Some of these factors include the following:


  •      the number of therapy sessions the child undergoes

  •      the child’s diagnosis

  •      how diligently the parents/caregivers follow home instructions

3. Can I schedule an OT assessment or ST assessment even without a dev ped’s recommendation?


      Answer: We prefer that you have your child assessed by a developmental pediatrician first, but we do accept children for speech assessment            even without a recommendation. The speech therapist will inform you if your child will need to see a doctor.


4. I need to schedule therapy sessions months in advance. Can you give me a slot?


     Answer: We cannot predict the availability of our therapists, so we only book appointments at least two weeks before the date you are                   available.


5. Can I get my initial evaluation report right away?


     Answer: We usually ask that you give your therapist at least a month to formulate an initial evaluation report for it to be comprehensive, as he       or she will still need to get to know your child. If you really need a report right away, we can give you a shortened and summarized version.


6. I need a progress report tomorrow. Can you give it to me?


     Answer: Our therapists need at least two weeks to be able to submit a progress report, as these take time to prepare. We want to make sure           that all reports that we release are as accurate as possible.


7. Are your therapists licensed?


     Answer: All our occupational therapists and physical therapists are licensed by the Professional Regulation Commission, and all our speech-             language pathologists are accredited by the Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists. Please do not hesitate to ask them for their license         numbers.

8. Do you do home therapy?


     Answer: No, we do not. All therapies are done in the center, as we want the children to be able to get out of their homes and comfort zones for       more effective therapy. Bringing them to the center also helps them socialize with other individuals.

9. Do you accept credit cards?

     Answer: As of the moment, we only accept cash and check payments.


10. Can I stay with my child during therapy sessions?


     Answer: We do not recommend that you join your child during therapy sessions, as we want to teach them to be independent. You may,                 however, ask your therapist permission if you want to observe once in a while.


11. How many times a week will my child need therapy?


     Answer: It is usually best that you follow your doctor’s recommendation. However, some parents choose to add sessions when they feel that         therapy is doing good for their child.

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